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Accomplished Information Architect and User Experience designer with expertise in both business and consumer applications.  Hands on concept development and content creation with a track record for statistically improving user work flow.


  • Fifteen years experience designing interactive business and consumer applications 
  • Seven years managing and mentoring design teams of up to twelve people
  • Developed, documented and championed design processes
  • Written and promoted interactive and visual corporate guidelines
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Developed and documented design processes
  • Initiated site maps, user flow charts, conceptual models, wireframe schematics, storyboards, personas, scenarios, use cases, prototypes, heuristic evaluation and usability testing


Consultant (2002 - present)

Clients include:

Macys               Acteva
Intuit                Docufide
Yahoo               iMany
Lightsurf            Informatica
RR Donnelley      Kingfish Group
Snapfish            Rosetta Stone
Salesforce          Corning

Key Projects

Macys, June 2007 Present
Complete design of a product information management system. Emphasis placed on scalability, workflow efficiencies and a cohesive and intuitive user experience. Personas defined, wireframes completed and testing protocol developed.

Design for a photo workflow management tool. Ethnographic interviews, concept development and wireframe schematics delivered to engineering instead of a requirements specification document.

Intuit, Various Projects
Lead the presentation effort for the Small Business Division site diagram. Contributed to the auditing of 32 sites in the Small Business Division ecosystem. Looked for interactive paradigms across sites and developed a consistent way to represent inconsistencies in the site diagram.

Lead redesign effort for a recent Intuit acquisition, MyCorporation. Conducted informational interviews, prepared competitive evaluations, task flows and delivered wireframes (the new site is scheduled to launch in April 2007).

Lead redesign effort for ProSeries product line marketing website focusing on “convince me to buy” messaging. Outlined personas and task flows, delivered detailed wireframes and specifications.

Yahoo, Various Projects
Initiated and presented comprehensive competitive analysis for a redesign of the My Yahoo product offering. Competitive analysis included review of product architecture, target audience, technical implementation and content offering. Prepared detailed review of current product offering and functionality and prepared recommendations for how the My Yahoo service should evolve.

Developed an interface and workflow for purchasing photo prints and gifts. Challenges included communicating the benefits of different delivery methods (In Store vs. Mail Delivery) and illustrating which products are available for different delivery methods.

Lightsurf, November 2004 – June 2005
Responsibilities included designing a system to maintain profiles for any wireless devices that may interact with Lightsurf’s open standards picture messaging platform. Designing the web interface for maintaining a text alert received through a phone and designing a desktop application for transferring large high resolution photos from a camera to an internet picture mail server. Specific responsibilities include creating site maps and page diagrams and User Experience Specifications that can be delivered to clients and engineering teams.

RR Donnelley, Various Projects
Developed design for a new RRDonnelly service, ProxyVote. Including all interactivity and visual design.

Designed and implemented the RRDonnelly Global Capital Markets website and Real Corporate Lawyer website. Prepared the site structure, page layout , graphic design and html.

Responsible for the information architecture and interaction of a new web based application called “One Place”. This project involved trying to bring the functionality of many disparate systems into one place. Deliverables include information architecture and page layouts/wireframes for the overall integration and workflow diagrams for creating and tracking a work order.

Responsible for information architecture and page layouts for RR Donnelley’s Net.filer system, an online, self service SEC compliance tool. Created information architecture site maps and all user workflows for filing forms directly with the SEC.

Snapfish, March 2004 – June 2004
Responsible for proposal and detailed design documentation for integrating camera phone photos (low resolution) into a digital photo (high resolution) printing website., March 2003 – February 2004
Responsible for the complete redesign of Administration Console. This includes reworking the information architecture and page layouts. Establish and publish user interface guidelines for the marketing and engineering teams.

Responsible for review and recommendations for the Salesforce User Education project. Specifically, how users find information about and educate themselves on new and advanced features in the Salesforce system. This project also included redesigning the information architecture and page layouts for the help, support and training systems.

Full Time Positions

February 2001 – November 2002
Creative Director, Model N South San Francisco, CA
Responsible for the Interaction and Visual Design of on-line business applications. Work closely with Product Managers and Engineers to create elegant solutions to interface problems. Conducted user interviews to identify requirements and priorities from a users perspective. Created site maps, work flow diagrams, and screenshots as tools to contribute to the spec writing process. Prepared user test plans and translated results to update application behavior. Managed and trained two junior designers and one html implementor. Wrote corporate interface and visual style guide.

November 1999 – February 2001
Creative Director, Switchouse, Inc San Francisco, CA
Responsible for overall design and user experience of an e-commerce website. Worked closely with the Vice President of Marketing to help define target audience and develop a communication strategy. Worked with product managers to determined product priorities and interpret specifications in a user-friendly manner. Wrote usability test plans and hired moderators to administer them. Turned test results into action items that my team was able to deliver. Hired and managed a multi-talented team of graphic designers, web developers, writers and user interface designers. Managed the definition of corporate visual standards, created advertising policies and specifications for our website. Managed relationship with an outside advertising agency.

July 1996 - October 1999
Healtheon/WebMD Corporation Santa Clara, CA
Manager,Human Interaction Design

Managed a multifunctional team of Interface Designers, Graphic Designers, Usability Analysts and Prototypers. Grew team of three to team of twelve. Acted as liaison between design team, engineering, deployment and marketing. Produced budgets and timelines, educated new employees on the importance of usability testing and user interface architecture. Initiated and contributed to the definition of corporate interface guidelines which includes specifics on interface behavior as well as visual standards.
Art Director
Provided all graphic support for new product development of health related web sites. Managed contributions of outside design firms and contractors. Produced graphical templates for large-scale application deployments with emphasis on quick download times and cross platform accessibility as well as smaller deployments with emphasis on visual appearance. Worked in a variety of visual styles until a corporate direction was defined.

June 1993 - July 1996
Interactive Media Designer, Oracle Corporation Redwood Shores, CA
Designer and art director for Oracle’s New Media Division. Produced a suite of applications for Oracle Interactive Television on display at Walt Disney’s Epcot center in Orlando, FL. This included managing video content, sound production, graphic content and user interfaces. Handled up to five projects at a time, initiated graphic direction, project flow, time lines and budgets. Worked with development engineers to produce easily understood demonstrations of Oracle’s new technology for ISDN and the Internet. Applications were designed to appeal to both non-technical and technical audiences, balanced issues of speed performance and graphic quality.


Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
BFA, Painting, Drawing and Sculpture
Designed and completed an independent study course in gallery management
Certificate from San Francisco State’s Multimedia Program
Completed classes at California College of Arts and Crafts